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Speaker Materials

Everything you need to promote events, or to learn more about them.

Click here for Google Docs with photos, bios, and descriptions of all talks and workshops. I also include notes about AV requirements, but here’s the short version:

  • I connect my MacBook Pro via HDMI (I have all the ports and a dongle)

  • My presentations have no sound/video

  • I prefer a Lavalier microphone. I wander the room a bit and do not need a podium.

  • I have my own clicker

  • I prefer a monitor that I can see while facing the audience so I don’t have to turn around to see the slides. I don’t use speaker notes so it should be a “mirror” of my slides.

  • It’s nice to have a visible clock in the room so I can track the time.

  • If you need to download presentations to a machine in advance, I will share the presentation via Dropbox — just let me know. But make sure you install the correct fonts and that you have Keynote on a Mac.

  • Recording and sharing videos is fine, and the more photos the better! If you want a great video edit, have the video peeps compare notes with me. Also good if the photographer says “hello” as I can give them tips on how to get great photos.

  • If there is an online audience, let me know, so we can optimize for remote experience.

  • I generally do ten minutes of Q & A at the end of my talks and if the room needs microphones, it’s good to have “runners'“ with microphones or a “Throw Mic.”

  • For “No slides dinners” for “Netflix: Wicked Hard Decisions” or “How Netflix Built an Innovative Culture,” I need a private room, no screen, but depending on the acoustics of the room, I may need a microphone.

If you’d like to arrange a talk or workshop with me, you can contact me via email ( You can learn more about my background by clicking below:


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