I give product leadership talks & workshops worldwide. I live in San Francisco.

Click below to watch “How Netflix Created an Innovative Culture” at ProductTank Toronto (NPS= 79).

what’s new?

  • Click here to listen to a new “Unlearn” podcast by host, Barry O’Reilly.

  • I have a new talk, “How Netflix Built an Innovative Culture.” Click here to watch.

  • Click here to watch a new YouTube video podcast. Mitch Seguin, CPO of TribalScale interviews me.

  • I do a new no-slides talk based on “Netflix: Wicked Hard Decisions.” It’s a great experience for 20-40 person dinners and requires no AV equipment. It is a thirty-five minute conversation that includes five engaging, “what would you do?” case studies.

  • The next “Product Leader Summit” will be 9/19/19 in Redwood City, CA. Apply here.


I am doing lots of workshops all around the world— at conferences, meetups, and individual companies. Learn more here.

ABout Me

As the former VP of Product at Netflix, Chief Product Officer at Chegg, SVP Product at The Learning Company, and a Producer at Electronic Arts, I have lots of experience building world-class products, teams, and companies.

Today, I am an adviser to consumer tech product leaders in San Francisco, Boston, NYC, and Salt Lake City.  I also teach a graduate-level entrepreneurship course at Stanford.

Every six months I co-host an invite-only 130-person Product Leader Summit.  The next one is in Redwood City, CA on 9/19/2019.

My wife, Kristen Hege, is a physician/scientist working to cure cancer, my daughter Kelsey, lives in Boston (and follows Mom's career path) while daughter Brit, a senior at Colby College, has career aspirations more like mine. (Read more about Brit here.)

What do others think?

Don’t miss a chance to learn from one of the best.
— Brooke Brown, CPO at Rent The Runway
Gib is simply fantastic and I highly recommend working with him.
— Nir Eyal, Best-selling author of "Hooked."
Hard lessons... backed by real experience & rigorous experimentation
— Andres Glusman, Chief Strategy Officer @ Meetup
Left the whole team feeling engaged and wanting more.
— Tom Stockham, CEO @ Experticity