I give 5-10 talks each month to product leaders worldwide. Choose one, then contact me.  You can also find all the materials you need (descriptions, bio, photos) for publicizing events here.

Netflix: Wicked Hard Decisions (Watch video.)

  • Learn how to make great decisions about the hardest things: people, product, and business. 
  • This is “inside baseball,” revealing the decision-making process behind some of Netflix' toughest decisions via five "what would you do?" case studies.
  • This talk reinforces the importance of strategy, data and intuition to inform decisions. 

Branding for Builders (Watch video, Read Medium article, read First Round Capital write-up)

  • Discover how exceptional teamwork between marketing & product creates a hard-to-copy, strategic advantage.
  • Learn how Netflix built a brand that more than 100M people love today, as well as the mistakes made along the way.
  • Apply two positioning and branding models to your product, company, and brand. 

Hacking Your Product Management Career (Watch video, read Medium article)

  • Learn the technical skills of a product manager, plus the leadership skills required as you grow.
  • See how a highly strategic, "hacking" approach builds momentum in your career.
  • Accelerate career progress through your own "personal board of directors." 

Customer Obsession (Watch video, read Medium article, read the creation story)

  • Find out how to move beyond "customer focus" to satisfy inherently unsatisfiable consumers
  • Learn how to combine four sources of consumer insight to delight customers
  • Put the techniques into practice with a modern-day Netflix case

Leaders Lead (Watch video, read Medium article)

  • Learn how to set yourself up in the right place at the right time to be promoted to VP
  • Understand the skills required for executives in all functions -- not just product leaders
  • Explore the progression of skills you need to develop at different stages in order to scale companies.

Netflix: Personalization 202 (Watch video)

  • Find out why Netflix focused on personalization as a way to delight customers in hard-to-copy, margin-enhancing ways.
  • Discover how human judgement + algorithms + presentation layer tactics improve retention.
  • Learn the “Inside Baseball” of the $1 million Netflix Prize and how it improved collaborative filtering.

Netflix: From Product Strategy to Execution- How to Run a Quarterly Strat Meeting (15-minute essay or watch video)

  • Use two models to define product strategy, tactics, and metrics to enable good, fast consumer/data-informed decisions.
  • Accelerate learning and innovation pace while maintaining alignment across your organization.
  • Simulate the meeting with modern-day Netflix cases.

Chegg: Wicked Hard Decisions (Watch video)

  • The second "Wicked Hard Decisions" talk, focused on the textbook rental, education startup.
  • Five highly interactive case studies give the inside dirt on getting from startup to IPO.
  • This talk reinforces the importance of strategy, data, and intuition to inform decisions.

The Guerrilla Guide to Product Innovation

  • Learn the surprisingly timeless principles of product innovation. 
  • Discover 10 traits of highly innovative companies like Netflix, Apple, Google, Amazon and Uber. 
  • Diagnose your company via an “Innovation Survey” that participants complete in advance of the presentation.