Here are the essays I have written:

Here are "Product Decoded" podcasts, co-hosted by me, Dan Olsen, and Ha Nguyen.

For young startups, lots of great YCombinator advice in one place:  YC's Essential Startup Advice

This is a helpful article describing differences between Mission, Vision, and Strategy: WTF is Strategy?

Hamilton Helmer’s book, “The 7 Powers,” details 7 hard-to-copy attributes of an emerging startup. (I think there are 8!)

The video below has two very helpful segments: enterprise sales for startups in the first half, followed by guidance on forming your startup pitch:

Jason Kilar, below, was at both Amazon and Hulu and talks about culture as a means to enable scaling:

Ben Thompson (of Stratechery) talks about the difference between platforms and aggregators:

Todd Yellin (VP Product at Netflix) at Adobe’s 99U in NYC: “Create a Culture of Iconoclasts”