My new “Digital Disruption: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” talk at the “Product Leader Summit.”

Watch my "Customer Obsession" talk at 300-person ProductTank meetup in San Francisco (NPS of 87!):

"Leaders Lead" at the NYC "Product Leader Summit," below (NPS = 63):

"From Product Strategy to Execution" at Products That Count in NYC (NPS = 90)

"Netflix: Wicked Hard Decisions" at ProductTank meetup in NYC (NPS = 76)

Hacking Your Product Leader Career at Adobe (Net Promoter Score = 73)

Branding for Builders (NPS = 75)

Below is "Netflix's Customer Obsession" at Nir Eyal's 400-person "Habit Summit." NPS = 69.

Stanford University: Intro to Consumer Tech Product Development,  below:

Netflix: Personalization 202 at Meetup (the company) in NYC.  (NPS of 72), below:

Watch my first test drive of "Chegg: Wicked Hard Decisions" at NatureBox, a SF-based startup. NPS = 81.