My rates

  • I do a mix of free and paid work. If you are a well-funded company, my day rate is $20K plus travel expenses (about $1,750 for US and $3,750 International). I do not charge for travel time/days; clients pay for a day of my time which often has a mix of talks/workshops.

  • I also do “no-slides dinners” (“Netflix: Wicked Hard Decisions” & “How Netflix Built an Innovative Culture”). My fee is $10k for these events.

  • I have many talks to choose from and I host three different workshops: “Product Strategy,” “Hacking Your Career,” and “How to Define an Innovative Culture.” I also put together unique talks/workshops, depending on the needs of your organization.

  • You can get a sense of my schedule by scrolling down the homepage of this site. My email is

what the audience says

Gib’s Netflix: Wicked Hard Decisions presentation was one of the highlights of INDUSTRY 2018. His talk was not just engaging and informative but truly inspired. After watching Gib work his magic, it was no surprise that his presentation was the highest rated talk of the conference (and scored an NPS of 90, which is considered elite). If your conference doesn’t have Gib as a part of the lineup, you’re missing out.
— Mike Belsito, Co-founder of INDUSTRY: The Product Conference
The audience at the Habit Summit LOVED Gib! He was not only knowledgeable and well-prepared, he was engaging and funny. Gib is simply fantastic and I highly recommend working with him if you have the chance.
— Nir Eyal, Author of "Hooked: How to Build Habit-forming Products," Speaker, and Consultant.
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We are huge Gib fans. Not only does Gib have deep expertise in all things product, he’s entertaining and knows how to engage an audience, a rare combo! His workshops are hands-on and tactical. He weaves together frameworks, relate-able examples, and hands-on exercises, so the workshop content is relevant and immediately applicable. His frameworks are broadly relevant for companies ranging from pre-product to scaled, and for product leaders from early-career to seasoned. Our founders can’t get enough of Gib!
— Jennifer Wu, Venture Partner, Reach Capital
Gib’s obsession with data makes his sessions extremely relevant for product leaders. No wonder ‘Hacking Your Product Leader Career’ was our top-rated workshop at JAM London this year. Gib mixed educational content with engaging group exercises to help participants apply some of the key concepts he presented. A treat for everyone in the room! For me, as a curator, Gib was a pleasure to work with, always ready to bounce ideas and share insightful feedback on how to create ‘lightbulb moments’ for the product community.
— Mathilde Leo, Co-founder, JAM London
Gibson ran an all-day product strategy workshop in London for 60 members of Foundrs - a group of the top 300 startup founders in London and Silicon Valley. The event was a huge success, with fantastic feedback on how the workshop created ‘good frameworks around strategic alignment, branding, and positioning,’ ‘great clarity on metrics and how to apply them across the full product or in swimlanes,’ and ‘Gib’s style and Netflix case studies that brought the frameworks to life.’ Tickets flew off the shelves, and the event was sold out in a matter of weeks.
— Phoebe Gormley, Events Manager at Foundrs
Gib’s half-day Hacking Your Product Leader Career workshop was added to the INDUSTRY lineup just two months before our conference, and still sold out... requiring a 2nd session to be added. More importantly, the attendees of Gib’s workshop gave it rave reviews, making it one the top-rated workshops ever to be offered at INDUSTRY. If you book this specific workshop from Gib, I have no doubt that your participants will be better armed with the skills, techniques, and confidence needed to level up their careers in product leadership roles.
— Mike Belsito, Co-founder of INDUSTRY: The Product Conference
Gib was electric at the “Change: Product & Data Forum.” He gave a word-class talk on the importance of experimentation, data and of course, failure. The content was exactly what we asked for – inspiring but also practical. 89% of attendees rated his talk as ‘excellent’ and the rest as ‘very good’. He was also incredibly easy to work with and kindly stayed around to talk to the delegates afterward. He was incredibly memorable and I still quote him regularly to this day… ‘How can we delight customers in hard-to-copy, margin enhancing ways?
— Charlotte Schofield, Fluxx; Organizer of "Change," hosted by 'News UK'.
Can you get an audience of 600 experienced product leaders to crack up at 6 PM, after a day-long conference? You wouldn’t think so, but Gib did. His “Wicked Hard Decisions” talk, full of engaging and relatable stories, grabbed the audience’s attention from start to finish, concluding with one of the most engaging Q&A sessions we’ve experienced at JAM. Gib was an absolute animal on stage with one of the highest rating NPS scores we’ve ever seen.
— Sebastien Powell, Co-founder, JAM London
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Gib is a master storyteller with thorough knowledge and passion for his craft. His presentation on “Netflix’s Customer Obsession” to our 1,000-person audience at ProductCon in Seattle was engaging, fun, and most of all provided great learnings for everyone in attendance. Product School is fortunate to collaborate with Gib, and I highly recommend his talks.
— Brad Heringer, Chief of Staff, ProductSchool
Every product person who cares about expanding their knowledge base should take the time to learn from Gib’s talks. Not only are they highly informative, they’re also extremely entertaining as he’s a great speaker.

You’ll get insight into decision-making at companies like Netflix and Chegg where Gib ran product and drove key strategic decisions. Definitely worth your time and money.
— Kavin Stewart, VP Product @ Reddit
Gib has the depth of experience that enables him to share hard lessons that are backed by real experience and rigorous experimentation. Gib knows how to separate the interesting from the vital to make his presentations pack a lot of punch per minute. Combine both of these traits with the fact that Gib has generosity of spirit to want to truly help people help themselves and you’ll find that Gib is truly a rare find in our industry.
— Andres Glusman, Chief Strategy Officer @ Meetup
Gib’s product leadership workshops and talks are an outstanding syllabus for both new and seasoned product leaders. With topics from personalization to balancing innovation and optimization, Gib has facilitated and elevated important cross-functional conversations at Rent the Runway. Learning from Gib’s experience always leaves our team inspired and energized. Don’t miss a chance to learn from one of the best.
— Brooke Brown, SVP Product / Subscription @ Rent the Runway
Gib’s product leadership program has had incredible impact at NatureBox. So much so that I hesitate to write this recommendation in fear of losing access to Gib!

Gib’s program is not just valuable as a training program for our team but it has changed the way I think about the levers in our business and what it takes to be a great executive. His talks are engaging, inspiring, and intellectually stimulating. Most importantly, they present an opportunity to learn from one of the best. If you get a chance to learn from Gib’s success, I would jump at the opportunity.
— Gautam Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO @ NatureBox
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I highly recommend Gib’s workshop on Product Leadership Training for Product Leaders and Brand Marketers alike. Gib is an incredibly energetic speaker and has the ability to connect with an audience and keep them engaged with real-world, current examples that nicely illustrate his key points. Coming from a Product background, Gib is able to easily win the respect of Engineers and Product Managers and help them understand the value of a strong brand strategy, thoughtfully executed - not an easy task.
— Noriko Morimoto, Vice President of Marketing @ Boosted Boards
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Outstanding response from the team abut Gib’s Product Leader Workshop. Left the whole team feeling engaged and wanting more.
— Tom Stockham, CEO @ Experticity
I highly recommend Gib’s product leadership training. He has come and run workshops at Coursera multiple times - each highly engaging for our teams. He is structured in his thinking and has helped our teams get focused on what matters most. His expertise in product leadership and marketing comes hard won from many years at some of the most interesting and successful companies in Silicon Valley.
— John Ciancutti, CPO @ Coursera