I have created lots of talks about product management, strategy, leadership, consumer science, culture, and entrepreneurship. Based on this content, I design half, full, and two-day workshops focused on your organization’s needs and goals. The workshops are intended for 20-80 people and include advance reading, in-class exercises, and leave-behinds.


The workshops are highly interactive, and I share lots of tools, frameworks and models to help product leaders learn. There are multiple workshop themes that can be "mixed and matched" into half and all-day workshops— the components are flexible.  Below are the major workshop themes:

  • Hacking Your Product Leader Career Workshop (write-up here)

  • Product Strategy Workshop (public, half-day workshop for large conferences; write-up here)

  • Product Strategy Workshop (for one company/team, write-up here)

  • Leadership Workshop (write-up here)

  • How to Build an Innovative Culture (write-up upon request)

Here’s a sample agenda for an all-day Product Strategy Workshop:


Please contact me if you'd like to learn more about hosting a workshop at your company, event, or organization. In the spirit of “a picture’s worth a thousand words,” click here to see more workshop photos.